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Sprout Patterns x Interrobang Art

I am one woman, with several sewing machines (but I can only use one at a time) so I can’t always make every single thing that pops into my head, especially if I’m busy making lots of orders.¬†That’s why I’ve spent this morning adding lots of my designs to Sprout Patterns! It’s an amazing site where you can order sewing patterns printed directly onto the fabric of your choice, and either cut and sew yourself, or pay a bit extra to have someone at Sprout to make it for you!

I have been looking into different ways of expanding my little business for a while, but with the one main rule that it had to be ethical! It’s hard to find manufacturers who are both affordable and ethical, so until now I’ve been a bit stuck. I’ve already been working with Spoonflower for a few years, so I know the quality is excellent, they use eco-friendly inks, only print what is needed, and are generally an excellent company! You can read more about their company values here.

I’ve mostly focused on the Moneta dress by Colette patterns today, but I’ll be adding lots more over the coming days and weeks. It’s available in sizes XS-3XL, which is a US 0-26, or UK 4-30.


Working with Sprout means that I get commission for all my designs, while freeing up time to work on existing orders and new projects, everyone at Sprout and Spoonflower gets paid fairly for their work, and you get custom made clothing (either by you or Sprout!)

Find all my available projects here:


Sun Skirt Tutorial

I’ve just added my first sewing tutorial video to YouTube, showing you how to make this sun circle skirt!

To make this skirt you’ll need 2 yards of the sun fabric I designed for this project from my Spoonflower shop, I’ve used their Sport Lycra, but you can also use their Modern Jersey or Organic Cotton Knit.

I’ve also designed similar fabric with earth and the moon, which are both available to order from my Spoonflower shop.

The sun and moon skirts are both available handmade to order from my Etsy shop if you’d rather I make them for you!


Goodbye Minions

It’s always a sad day when one of my favourite fabrics gets discontinued. It’s happened before with Marvel, Star Wars, and liquorice allsorts, amongst a few others. It’s especially sad when the discontinued fabric is one of the most popular. I have dresses, skirts, bags and scarves made with this fabric, and it’ll be very sad to see them go. 

But before I have to say goodbye forever, I’ll order as much of this fabric as financially possible (shout out to my credit card!) so I can keep these going for as long as I can.

They’re all available to order from my Etsy shop, get them here before it’s too late: 






New Fabric Design!

My latest fabric design has just arrived from Spoonflower, and as always I am very happy with it! I painted these pasta shapes with acrylics, then scanned them in to digitally create a fabric design. I’ll be making skirts with this batch, and I’ll also order some thicker cotton to make aprons and tea towels at a later date. You can order this fabric for your own projects here: 



I know it’s a bit early, but I’m already trying to decide who I want to be for Halloween this year. Last year I was Snow White: 

I made the dress myself using velvet for the bodice, and satin for the skirt and sleeves. If anyone is planning on going as Snow White this year, these are available made to order in sizes 6-36 from my Etsy shop: