Magic Beans

After a rough couple of weeks – a friend died and I ended up in hospital with bruised ribs – I decided I needed a bit of magic in my life. I’ve been thinking about magic beans for a while, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to make them look right. At first I thought of buying lots of cheap cans of beans, and just designing new magical looking labels for them, but that wasn’t quite enough. I had a sudden flash of inspiration and worked out exactly how to bring them to life – but unfortunately this was at about 9pm on Sunday, so nowhere was open for me to pick up the supplies I needed. When I get a new creative idea, I’m the most impatient person in the world, so waiting until the following morning was torture.  

When I finally picked up everything I needed, I got started straight away. The exact process is top secret – as telling you how to do my job doesn’t pay my bills – but I can assure you it was beautifully messy! I’m now very proud to introduce my new magic beans! 
They’re available in 2 colours, and in small packets or jars. I made the labels too, with the help of my exciting new professional hole punch!

These would make great wedding favours, stocking fillers, or just a little treat for yourself – just because! Find them here