Sun Skirt Tutorial

I’ve just added my first sewing tutorial video to YouTube, showing you how to make this sun circle skirt!

To make this skirt you’ll need 2 yards of the sun fabric I designed for this project from my Spoonflower shop, I’ve used their Sport Lycra, but you can also use their Modern Jersey or Organic Cotton Knit.

I’ve also designed similar fabric with earth and the moon, which are both available to order from my Spoonflower shop.

The sun and moon skirts are both available handmade to order from my Etsy shop if you’d rather I make them for you!


Bristol Fashion Week

Last night I went to the fashion show at The Mall. I’ve been to every one since they started, and it never disappoints! As it’s based in a shopping centre, it features clothes, shoes and accessories from high street shops like Marks & Spencer and Karen Millen. I love that everything in the show is accessible and affordable, and available in a wide range of sizes. After the show, you only need to walk from the temporary pavillion back over to the main shopping centre and you can buy everything you’ve just seen!

This year it was hosted by Mark Heyes and Denise Van Outen, who did a great job! 

I particularly love the diversity amongst the models. Of course there’s nothing wrong with being young, white and skinny – but I love that they choose to represent a much wider demographic, making it a much more inclusive experience for everyone in the audience.


As it was the Autumn/Winter show, I wanted something autumnal to wear, so I made myself a velvet skater dress. I loved the deep wine colour of this fabric when I bought it a few weeks ago, and I although I planned on making it with plenty of time to spare, I ended up starting on  it a few hours before I had to leave! I also dyed my hair to match and wore my new Irregular Choice dice shoes – the whole outfit got lots of lovely comments when I was wandering round the shops after the fashion show!

As always, there was a goody bag at the end for everyone! The fabric tote bag is great for shopping (especially now there’s a charge for plastic!) and it’s always filled with vouchers, product samples and little treats. 

There are still tickets available for today and tomorrow, so if you’re in Bristol or you can get here easily, I’d highly recommend it! 


Magic Beans

After a rough couple of weeks – a friend died and I ended up in hospital with bruised ribs – I decided I needed a bit of magic in my life. I’ve been thinking about magic beans for a while, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to make them look right. At first I thought of buying lots of cheap cans of beans, and just designing new magical looking labels for them, but that wasn’t quite enough. I had a sudden flash of inspiration and worked out exactly how to bring them to life – but unfortunately this was at about 9pm on Sunday, so nowhere was open for me to pick up the supplies I needed. When I get a new creative idea, I’m the most impatient person in the world, so waiting until the following morning was torture.  

When I finally picked up everything I needed, I got started straight away. The exact process is top secret – as telling you how to do my job doesn’t pay my bills – but I can assure you it was beautifully messy! I’m now very proud to introduce my new magic beans! 
They’re available in 2 colours, and in small packets or jars. I made the labels too, with the help of my exciting new professional hole punch!

These would make great wedding favours, stocking fillers, or just a little treat for yourself – just because! Find them here


Poker Face

When I first played poker, I was learning the rules as I went along, which meant I had the perfect poker face. I looked just as blank if I had a good hand or a bad hand – because I had no idea which was which. The term ‘poker face’ inspired this painting. Apart from someone who has no idea what they’re doing, I figured that a skull would have the best possible poker face.

I’ve always had a morbid fascination with skulls, and painting one was a really interesting experience. You never really know what something truly looks like unless you try to paint it. You have to forget what it looks like in your mind and just focus on the shapes and colours in front of you. As soon as you can forget what you’re looking at, and just see it in shapes and colours, you can paint it.

I used this painting to create a design, which is now available to order on lots of things in my Redbubble shop

You can also get the original painting here





I went to Dismaland 3 weeks ago, and it was so good I went back again last week. There’s so much to see and do for such a relatively small space, it’s definitely worth the £5 entrance fee!

When you first go in, you’re confronted with a very aggressive security team. I was told off for having blue hair, and I was also told I had to stop smiling or I wouldn’t be allowed in. It’s surprisingly difficult to keep a straight face when someone is glaring at you until you stop smiling.


We queued up to go inside the run-down looking castle to find a pumpkin coach crash, with a princess being photographed by paparazzi. She looked like Cinderella, but I’m not convinced that it wasn’t actually supposed to represent Diana.

The art galleries featured thought-provoking works by lots of artists from around the world, including Damien Hirst, Dietrich Wegner and Jenny Holzer. My favourite piece was Wegner’s mushroom cloud tree house, it was as beautifully ethereal as it was dark.


The Museum Of Cruel Objects was a sinister look into things that were made to hurt you. Things which have been designed with the sole purpose of hurting or controlling the masses include anti-homeless spikes, tear gas, CCTV and body-worn workplace surveillance devices. Whilst most of the exhibits in the park had an element of fun to go with the deeper message behind it, this was very hard-hitting.

Around the park there were lots of attractions and fairground style games which you could play. My personal favourite was Topple The Anvil, where you could pay £2 for 3 balls to throw at an anvil. If it fell over, you could keep it. Although it was an obvious middle finger up to traditional seaside and fairground games, people were still getting involved. They were never going to win the anvil, and if by some miracle they did – how were they going to get it home?!


When it came to the end of the visit, you of course had to Exit Through The Gift Shop. I’m sure it goes against the anti-consumerism message of the whole Dismaland concept, but I couldn’t resist buying a T-shirt!

Dismaland_2 Dismaland_4

In conclusion, Banksy proves once again that he is a genius.


Goodbye Minions

It’s always a sad day when one of my favourite fabrics gets discontinued. It’s happened before with Marvel, Star Wars, and liquorice allsorts, amongst a few others. It’s especially sad when the discontinued fabric is one of the most popular. I have dresses, skirts, bags and scarves made with this fabric, and it’ll be very sad to see them go. 

But before I have to say goodbye forever, I’ll order as much of this fabric as financially possible (shout out to my credit card!) so I can keep these going for as long as I can.

They’re all available to order from my Etsy shop, get them here before it’s too late: 






For Luke

An old friend took his own life recently, and as I had nothing funeral appropriate to wear, I made myself a black velvet circle skirt.
I’ve always been more of a doer than a talker, so in an effort to feel slightly better about something so tragic, I’ve decided to sell these skirts and include a 20% donation to PAPYRUS UK, a charity which aims to prevent suicide in young people. By raising money and awareness for such a wonderful charity, hopefully I can help to prevent at least one person from being in my friend Luke’s position, and countless more in his friends’ and family’s position.

The skirt is handmade to order in sizes UK 6-36, its £35 including a £7 donation to charity: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/247255222/black-velvet-circle-skirt-includes