Christina and The Giant Pants

For as long as I can remember, having bare legs with a skirt or dress has always resulted in thighrosion (see also: chub rub). I’ve tried many things over the years, and the best/easiest solution has always been to just wear leggings all the time. I’ve tried everything: talc gets everywhere, anti-chafing gel just feels weird, and on the first warm day of the year, when I’ve forgotten all about thighrosion over winter, resorting to tucking my skirt in between my legs and waddling like a duck until I can get to the nearest shop for some emergency leggings is just plain awkward.

I saw a post about The Big Tights Company on Facebook (thanks Fuller Figure Fuller Bust!) and ordered 3 pairs of their giant anti-chafing pants immediately! Leggings under dresses normally works fine, but sometimes under a skirt the waistbands pile up and feel a bit bulky, so these looked perfect! I ordered them on Saturday, they were posted on Monday, and I received them on Tuesday! I took them out for a test walk today, and I am so happy with them! My walk to the post office is about a 40 minute round trip, so it was a bit of a gamble, but as I was wearing a circle skirt there was plenty of fabric to tuck in between my thighs if they weren’t the miracle product I was hoping for – but they were! They didn’t ride up or down, they’re thinner than leggings so they won’t make me too hot when the weather gets a bit warmer, and although they are A LOT bigger than any underwear I’ve ever owned before, I didn’t feel frumpy in them at all.


I ordered one of each colour in the 18-22, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who’s ever suffered from thighrosion, chub rub, or whatever you choose to call it.