I’m going to be making some changes to my shop after Christmas, and I’m already excited! I’ll be bringing a few things back, and discontinuing a few others. The overall plan is to have more ready-to-ship items in my shop, as it means a lot less stress for me, and you get your orders faster – everyone’s a winner! I’ll be keeping skirts and dresses pretty much the same, but with more RTS items, hopefully I’ll be able to cut the lead times of my made-to-order things.

What’s new?

Thanks to Patreon, I’ve already managed to order some prints and badges for my shop, which are now available to order from my Etsy shop. I’ve only been on Patreon for a couple of months, but already it’s been amazing for taking the pressure off a little bit, and allowing me to expand my range with new items!

Pineapple Print



I’m going to bring cushion covers back! I didn’t mean to stop making them, it just sort of happened! I’ll make them in batches and have them in my shop as ready to ship, and just restock them as and when I’m able to. I get a lot of people telling me they love my designs, but they don’t have the confidence to wear them (which is a separate issue I will deal with at a later date!) so if they can have something for the home instead, then everyone’s happy!


I’ll also be bringing back tote bags. I stopped making them during a particularly busy time – I was making skirts, dresses, totes and cushion covers to order, and it was exhausting! It’s less draining to have just skirts and dresses as made to order in the shop, and make accessories and things in batches when I have some free time. You can also get tote bags from my Redbubble shop.


Finally, I’m going to start making children’s clothes! I already make the occasional skirt or dress as a custom order, but I’ll be adding them to my shop – I just haven’t decided yet if I’ll make them in batches and have them ready-to-ship, or if I’ll put them up as made to order. 

What’s leaving?

Remnants bags have already left the shop. They sold out about 2 weeks ago, and I didn’t relist them as I already had something else in mind for all my remnants. I’m going to start making some zero-waste skirts! They’ll basically be patchwork multicoloured madness, and I can’t wait to get started! I haven’t fully decided how it’ll work on Etsy, whether I’ll list each one separately with its own individual photos, or have one overall listing where it’s more of a pot-luck. Feel free to let me know which you’d prefer in the comments!

img_9658 img_9657


I’m also going to be discontinuing swimwear and leggings. They’re quite expensive to make, and they take me a while, so removing them will free up some skirt-sewing time (and fabric-buying money!) You’ll still be able to get leggings from my Redbubble shop though, they just don’t have the size range I was offering.



I’m really looking forward to making these changes, hopefully it’ll mean less stress, more orders, and shorter lead times!


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